OSHA Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards for FY2015

No surprises in the list of Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards from OSHA for fiscal 2015. These same standards also appeared on the list for 2014, and for 2013, and for 2012, and…. You get the idea. While the ranking of each may change year-to-year, the same ten standards routinely appear on the list. I will agree that this list covers a wide range of construction activities, contractors, and subcontractors, but I can see that 9 of the 10 apply to activities which we regularly encounter on our job sites. We should continue to be “safety aware” as we plan and execute on our projects, collaborating with our subcontractors to identify hazards, to eliminate, isolate, or implement controls to reduce risk of exposure from hazards, and to continue to maintain safe work sites. Scroll down to the next post to see additional information concerning the 2016 Fall Protection Safety Stand-down.

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